The Villager: - The gorgeous Ryan Kelly is marvelous

as the blonde Jewish American princess Elsa.​​

​​​​​New York times: - As Belle, Ryan Kelly is charmingly high spirited, sincere, and adventurous, a fine singer, an engaging actress and custom-made for the role.​​​

​​The Dominion Post: - Ryan Kelly does an admirable job as Maggie, she has an amazing voice, both softly feminine and huskily masculine at the same time. Kelly also uses her quite lovely features to the fullest, alternating from brazen sexuality to horror, to humor to wonder in an instant.​​

SI Advance: -Ryan Kelly was type cast in "Beauty & The Beast", big surprise, they loved her. Later she exorcised the sweet princess, slinked into a cocktail dress and reclaimed her late-night jazz voice for Next Stop Vegas, Ryan will be the featured girl singer.​

SI Sunday Advance: - Ex-Miss Staten Island Ryan Kelly's first album "RYAN: Not just another girl," is getting some radio play. It's 92% original, says the lavishly schooled (Carnegie Mellon University) singer/songwriter. She wrote 11 of the 12 tunes & even the lone cover of the Doors' acidic "Love Her Madly," gets a sunburned, bossa nova makeover. Past showcases have found this singer accessing many disparate voices, genres & styles, and she's still unclassifiable and adding new ones. Ms Kelly has a penchant for deftly compressed and informative lyrics as well as multiple voices: A legit soprano, a scatty/ jazzy Krall-ish thing, a clarion call, a lucis pop delivery & a bluesy R&B moan.​​