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I'll make you the best singer you can be.

All sessions are very hands on

All sessions are very hands on

(Shaking the head gently to free the jaw)

(Shaking the head gently to free the jaw)

(Using the floor to ground breath and release tension)

(Using the floor to ground breath and release tension)

(Freeing the voice with movement)

(Freeing the voice with movement)

I Love Making You A Better Singer

I craft your private lesson around you; each session is unique and hands on.

My job is to make you the best singer you can be, while creating a safe learning environment. I do not believe in tearing down; I believe in building up, and celebrating wins.

If you're not understanding or connecting with something, I'll find another way. Whether you're a kinesthetic learner, an image driven individual, or an imitator, I'll look for  a path of least resistance that clicks for you. I'm not happy until you have a series of AH-HAH MOMENTS! 

Yes, I will challenge you.

Yes, we will have fun.

Yes, you will grow into a fantastic singer.

 A vocalist who is musical, connected to the lyric and performs from the soul.


Connectivity to the material is key. A technically beautiful sound is wonderful; but better still is a healthy and beautiful sound, married to an understanding of the lyric. Best of all is the freedom within your voice to make choices that compel and move the listener.
Those are my goals for you.


What I Cover In The Studio

Genres & Technical Elements

  • Genres - Musical Theater, Pop, Rock, Rock n' Roll, Top 40, Singer Songwriter, Motown, Disney, R&B, Soul, Country, Folk, Art Songs, Language Songs, Jazz & American Popular Standards

  • ​Technique - Pitch​, Tone, Breath, Endurance, Resonance, Registration, Flexibility, Dexterity, Range, Release of tension, Alignment, Freedom in the body​​

  • Musicianship - Ear Training, Hearing Harmonies, Reading your Melody Line, Knowing your Keys and Tempos

  • Getting your rhythm into your body  Yes! We will dance it out!

Who Studies With Me?

Beginners, Intermediate Singers & The Very Advanced

  • I work with young students, (as young as five years of age), who have never taken a lesson.

  • I work with intermediate students, covering a multitude of genres to build their audition book. 

  • ​I work with professional singer songwriters who need to hone their original material, and bring special flair to select cover songs. ​​​​

  • I work with more mature students who want to revisit older material... and everyone in between. 

  • Contact me today to find a convenient private lesson time for you.

Ryan was my first voice teacher, she was the first to expose me to the world of musical theater, which is now my current career and profession. What i remember of Ryan is how organized and thorough her lessons were. She used every minute wisely and taught me so much. She prepared me for college auditions by providing me with individualized song choices, pre screen recordings, and seasoned advice for inside the audition room. With her help and advice i was accepted into many great programs, and eventually attending my top choice for Musical Theater. I will forever give ryan thanks for this success. I will always appreciate Ryan’s generosity and authenticity with all her students!

Jessica DiForte


Out of the many vocal coaches I have worked with throughout the years, Ryan is the one I keep coming back to. I am a professional singer and I have been seeing Ryan for years to help me with original music and to help me reach my full potential. She is patient, light hearted, and guides her students to be the best they can be. Her techniques and advice have been so helpful in more ways than one. She is an excellent teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.

Angelica Joni


Ryan is an amazing voice teacher! She not only helped me understand what range I was comfortable singing in and what I could do to perfect my technique, but also listened to my input and always asked what songs I wanted to try. She’s patient, positive, and an absolute joy to work with. I always looked forward to my lessons with her.

Victoria Licata


Why Study With Me?

What makes me different, what gives me the edge, why should you study with me? I am a working singer/actor, vocal impersonator and prolific songwriter; these skills have leveled up my instructional prowess. These tools enable me to go the extra mile for you.

* We'll delve into your lyric as a monologue; I'll teach you how to make "groovy verby" acting choices.

* We'll dial down your dialect/accent with voice and speech training.

* We'll tune up your Performance Chops;  the "knock their socks off factor".


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